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I used to use back in about 2010, 2011, and then remember switching to another tagging and organizing site as they announced they were about to shut down. I’m glad to see they got out the paddles and shocked this one back to life, because it really was very useful!

I used to search all over the web, read RSS feeds and see Facebook page shares that interested me, and that I’d like to blog about. I’d tag the links in as soon as I saw them, and when I’d blog (once a week) I could go back to a list of fabulous things I’d found over the week to blog about.

I remember some people at another university using as unofficial “libguides” for their subject areas of responsibility in the library, where they’d share news stories, galleries, web resources and articles with the students through the service. Great idea! didn’t seem to remember my old login, which is a shame as I don’t think I can be bothered making yet another one! I had some great old bookmarks too, bit of a loss!

It’s annoying that there’s no clear “search” feature (maybe there is if you create an account, but I’m going from the “casual user” perspective) although if you’re clever you can choose one of the “Explore” tags and then just change the term at the end of the URL. I had a look for things that were tagged #webcomics and found some new fun as well as old favourites.

Verdict: Nice to have back. Not a patch on its former self, but maybe has potential.