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Back in 2009, I remember being on a “podcasting project” at work. It wasn’t really podcasting per se: it wasn’t a regular broadcast of recorded audio content, it was static audio content hosted on a website. I think people are a bit clearer now in terms of the “cast” part of podcasting.

Plenty of folks podcast: radio stations have a lot of thier content available post-broadcast as a podcast (good for when you miss something like a particular interview or segment) or additional off-air content. There are lots of web-only specialist podcasts that function a bit like irregular radio shows and are only available in that format, not on the radio.

I subscribed to a couple of podcasts via the Apple Podcasts app (afer failing to get it to work in iTunes) – the repeat broadcast of the Zed Games radio program which I miss live on 4ZZZ every week without fail; and the Triple J Dr Karl segments, which are on air live while I’m at work so I can’t listen to them. Zed Games was easy to get, but Dr Karl slightly less so – Podcasts keeps entries in its search listing even though they’re not being updated, and while I signed up for three Dr Karl podcasts, only one of them ever has any new content.

It’s nice that recordings don’t disappear if you miss them (as is almost always my problem) and that I can play them on any of my devices. Mostly I use these podcasts on my phone when I’m exercising.

Now we never need to miss anything again! (How did we ever live a fulfilled life before this??)