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YouTube – it’s like looking into the brain of the world. There are plenty of useful things you could learn from YouTube. (My husband used a YouTube video to learn how to tie a new kind of tie knot; my sister used it to learn how to French Braid her hair). Then, there are plenty of 2 minute videos of people’s cats chasing laser pointers. The sublime to the ridiculous.

If you want to see something in a visual representation, it’s a good first place to start. My toddler has recently become obsessed with Iron Man, despite never having watched an Iron Man movie or cartoon before. We used YouTube to show him the previews of the films after he requested to see “what Iron Man does”, and so we avoided having to show him all three 2-hour movies (which he would have fallen asleep in anyway!) We also discovered this particular gem (which really just makes me want to go buy more Lego):


Apart from work videos (on behalf of my workplace) , I’ve never shared anything on YouTube: I guess I’m a consumer, rather than a creator. That, and my cat is too lazy to chase laser pointers.