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I’m sadly old enough to remember when LiveJournal was super-hip (and its emo younger brother, DeadJournal). Blogs are something I’ve pretty much “grown up with”. I’ve had quite a few in my time, personal and professional. Technorati is a blog search engine, and if nothing else I’m impressed it’s gone the distance where others (e.g. Google Blog Search) have fallen by the wayside.

I’ll admit to being at a bit of a loss as to why you’d just want to see what’s in blogs. You could Google your topic and blogs would come up. But not wanting non-blog information (unless you were researching and your scope was purely blog posts) doesn’t really seem quite right to me.

Anyway, Technorati seems fatally flawed to me. I did a search for “23 Things” – see below. Not only did my multiple 23 Things blog posts NOT show up, but NONE of the thousands of posts by thousands of people doing 23 Things around the world showed up! Even just clicking the 23 Things tag on WordPress finds you at least a dozen posts. It makes me wonder what it is that Technorati is actually indexing?


Verdict: Not going to be one of my suite of tools


Nice to Meets You

This is a welcome back for me: I first did 23 Things back in 2008 when it was first launched at UQ Library.  I figured 5 years is a LOOOONG time since I completed the program, and the world (online and offline) has changed a whole lot since then! I’m really keen to learn and use new things to make life easier and more fun, so here’s hoping there are some new “Things” I can pick up in the next 10 weeks to expand my knowledge portfolio a bit.

Task 1 for 23 Things 2013: set up a blog. Cheeky me, I’m using my original 2008 blog stripped of all the old posts. I originally picked WordPress,  over Blogspot/Bloggr last time because it was a little bit edgy, all the cool kids were using it. I find I still like the look and feel, the useability and the functionality – it looks a lot cleaner and has a few more gadgets than last time but the principles and the ease of use are the same.

I’m not a “tutorial” user so much – I’m the kind of person who will play around, search a help file or forum and then search Google if I have a problem. I think I’m a self-paced learner (pace = breakneck sometimes!) and don’t like endlessly clicking “next” on dozens of steps and tips that are as plain as daylight for me. I know that if I come to need to post a YouTube clip or similar and I can’t do it, I’ll search around until I work it out. I don’t get frustrated with tech tools easily, so that approach works fine for me.

So that’s it for Post 1: apologies for being lazy and recycling!