23 Things, Thing 14: Prezi

Posted: March 6, 2014 in 23 Things, Web 2.0 Applications
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I remember the first time I used Prezi: it was 2010, the audience sat down and a colleague and I treated everyone to a whirlwind tour of some new technology or other. Everyone sat in relatively stunned silence. I thought this was a good thing, and asked my manager how it had gone. “Oh, the content was good. But between you and me – it did move around a lot. The screen I mean. We all felt a bit motion-sick!”

Prezi has thankfully come a long way in 4 years (or maybe it’s just that my skills have improved!) and things are a little less hurl-inducing. The premise is that Prezi is a presentation software, much like a PowerPoint slideshow, but hosted online, and allowing through zoom and movement a sort of image-mapping of a presentation topic in a visual way. Beginning with a central premise, zooming in on specific sections or branching out on tangents. As long as you are careful and use good design and viewer experience principles when you make it, Prezis can be quite powerful presentation vehicles.

Here’s the Prezi I did last year to present my thesis research findings at a meeting. I hope nobody gets ill – I’d like to think I’ve learned from my mistakes all those years ago!


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