powerpoint cat

I think I remember reading somewhere that SlideShare was shutting down, but I can’t find any other reference to it, so let’s proceed.

Slideshare is a site where people can share and view power point presentations. You can publish your own (for example, conference presentation) or search for a presentation that might suit your purpose (for example, something for attendees to read before they come to your training course).

I first used Slideshare in 2008 after a conference, but since then I’ve tended just to upload to eSpace, so everything is in one place. It’s gotten plenty of views, but there wasn’t any ability to give more context than just a mere transcript, and nothing has ever come of it.

I tried to find a good Slidecast on virtual reference to put in the InfoAssist training for the research help desk, but nothing really jumped out because you just get the slides, not the speech to go with it (either in print or in audio)

However, it’s a good source for ideas for how to put together a presentation (and for what not to do – I mean, white font on a lemon yellow background? PLEASE!) and if you log in you can download some of the presentations to make your own edits. Because why invent the wheel, right?


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