23 Things, Thing 12: Skype

Posted: February 13, 2014 in 23 Things, Audio, Video & Images, Social Software
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skyping dog

The world certainly is a smaller place now, thanks to the internet. And Skype brings it even closer together, so that anyone who’s got a computer with a camera and microphone and internet connection can talk to someone else, no matter where they are.

I’ve been using Skype since 2011, when my son was born but his grandparents were living overseas for 12 months. We used to log on every few days early evening their time, pop the laptop on the floor and let them watch and talk to the baby for hours on end. Later, when our little boy was a bit bigger, we’ve used it when my husband has been away for work, so they can still have storytime before bed. We also used it for chats with a family member who spent a year studying at a university overseas. I’ve been using Google Talk (same kind of idea) as well, for meetings with other members of a state professional organisation committee where we’re scattered all over the state.

The downside is that the conversation is really only as good as your hardware and internet connection. It can sometimes be quite a production (especially at night) to get the lighting just right so your fellow Skyper can see you. We had lots of trouble talking to the family member at uni overseas as her 13th-century building, while lovely, had thick brick walls which were terrible for wi-fi access.


At the end of the day, nothing’s quite better than a proper hug from a friend. However, if you can’t, Skype’s a good (temporary) solution if the technology stars align in your favour!


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