23 Things, Thing 11: LibriVox

Posted: February 13, 2014 in 23 Things, Audio, Video & Images, Books 2.0
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headphone cat

Right off the bat, I’ll confess I am a big lover of audiobooks. They’re pretty much the only things I borrow from the public library. And yes, BORROW, not download, as I really just listen to audiobooks in the car (much better than commercial radio or Wiggles CDs which are my other options)

LibriVox is a giant database of public-domain audio books available for download. You won’t find “Fifty Shades of Grey” or the latest Matthew Reilly here – strictly titles that are out of copyright, read out by volunteers.

You can download the item as a full file for playing on an MP3 or burning to CD, or subscribe via iTunes to get it onto your Apple device.

The titles can be a bit hit and miss – at the moment as I type I’ve got Washington Irving’s “Sleepy Hollow” on, which has a reader with a quite pleasant American accent, and a good pace and tone for the original story. I’m enjoying it enough to keep listening for the rest of the afternoon I think! Which is a much better option than some of the Jane Austen read out by a woman with a very unfortunate southern drawl…

I don’t think LibriVox will replace my public library audiobook habits – maybe one day if I get a new car with an MP3 jack. At the moment, it’s CD-only for me, so I’d have to burn LibriVox books to CD and it’s probably not quite worth the effort!


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