23 Things, Thing 6: Pixlr

Posted: December 19, 2013 in 23 Things, Utilities
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In the interests of keeping my secret identity, here’s my cat all Pixlr-d up. I’m not sure that his expression necessarily captures my thoughts on 23 Things though (at least I hope not!)


The website version was fun to play with, but I can’t really see it being a staple of my suite of tools. I can’t really see many reasons why you’d want to tweak a photo with a set group of pre-determined filters except for novelty factor. If I was going to tweak a photo I’d do it in a meaningful and pre-planned way, not just with something to jazz it up. (Though I do see they have colour correction filters, which might be useful if you were working with older photos).

My brother is a professional photographer, so I think I’m going to show Pixlr to him and see what he thinks as to whether it’s a useful free artistic tool or a bit of a gimmick…

  1. s8e8 says:

    Such a cute cat! Perhaps he is dreaming about all the Christmas treats about to arrive. 🙂

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