23 Things, Thing 4: Google Maps and Google Drive

Posted: December 12, 2013 in 23 Things, Google, Utilities
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Google gets you where you need to go – just don’t stop to consider that it knows where you are and where you travel, and what route you take (advertiser’s dream: imagine driving down a highway lined with billboards all showing ads directly linked to your online search and purchase history!)

I’ve been using Google maps for ages as, despite all those years as a Brownie Guide, I’m pretty useless at orienteering and working out the route from A to B if I’ve never been there before.

Dog needs directions

I find I use it less as an active tool now that I have a GPS, but it’s worthwhile to find out how long, roughly, a trip is going to take so you leave on time.

Street View is helpful if you’re looking for a shop’s address: sometimes “100 X street” isn’t as useful as seeing that your salon is between the bakery and the BWS.Ā  Although again, it’s maybe a bit creepy that one company knows what every house and business looks like and has been everywhere. My home is down a long driveway and can’t actually be seen via Street View – I’m guessing this might end up being a valuable selling point!

A nice thing about Street View is it has (or at least did have) an open API – so all the program code could be plugged in to other online functionality and used for different things. If I were a clever programmer person, I’d find some way to use Street View to make an interactive walk-around town to look at Christmas lights šŸ™‚


I’m a long term user of Google Drive – I remember co-writing my first conference paper on Google Docs with colleagues back in 2007! All being able to work on the same document at once is nice. I most recently used it as a backup drive to store my thesis just in case my house burned down and melted my laptop and my three backup USBs. Can’t be too careful šŸ™‚

Stealing your drive

  1. dynamitenels says:

    I adore these pics in this blog! So cute and the captions are great!

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